Open Data & Open Government

The Open Data paradigm is about exposing data in a free, open and accessible format, in order to provide direct and transparent reuse of information to citizens. It is part of a larger plan of Open Government policies at a national, European and international level that requires public bodies to make their data and information available in an open format, with reuse licenses, to promote their reuse. Transparency is the goal, and it is meant as accessibility to public institutions related information. Data can be represented in several formats, some of which are “more open” than others, according to their re-usability, as established by Tim Berners Lee in his five-tier openess ranking, which has become the standard guideline for any organization who is willing to grant access to their data.

Tim Berners Lee’s five openness levels are the following:

Following the Tim Berners Lee’ scale, the five levels of opening level are:

  •  any format, even only human readable (e.g. Word or PDF);
  • structured formats (e.g. XLS);
  • structured and non proprietary formats (e.g. CSV or XLM);
  • structured formats, using URI to identify entities (e.g. RDF);
  • structured formats, using URI to identify entities and linking them to other web resources (e.g. OWL)

Linked Open Data (LOD) are, therefore at the highest level of openness, as they provide the maximum level of interoperability among resources from different sources, thus producing new information and significantly increasing initial value of data themselves.




In order to generate Open Data and Linked Open Data, Evodevo makes use of its own standard model, Evodevo Open Process, defining a set of data production and publishing techniques.

This method takes care of the whole Open Data and Linked Open Data management process, from preliminary consulting to analysis and technological support. This process is certificazione ISO 9001: 2008. Evodevo is the first and, at present, the only Italian company certified for an Open Data and Linked Open Data publication process.