Business Strategy Consulting

Evodevo provides consulting services aimed at defining top quality business and innovation strategies. We offer our customers accurate and specific business analyses to highlight actual or potential elements of innovation, also in terms of integrating and giving value to data, with an eye to the Internet of Things and Big Data.

This business analyses are crucial in obtaining funding resources at both a national and European level.

Evodevo can either provide assistance to a customer or entirely manage their workflow during both the negotiation of a funding source and implementation of a project tasks.

In a preliminary phase, areas of interest and specific opportunities for creation/innovation of processes, products or services will be defined. Subsequently a funding source will be identified and an ad hoc project will be prepared and submitted.

Evodevo can provide assistance in the following phases:

  • Project details definition
  • Search for potential partners (national or European consortium)
  • Project technical details definition
  • Business plan production
  • Project submission

During a project implementation, Evodevo can provide assistance in both general and technical Project Management activities.

Once the funding is obtained, Evodevo can take care of the implementation of a project technical tasks, in case they are directly or indirectly part of Evodevo’s areas of competence. Our company has, in fact, a vast network of specialized consultants, who are involved should the need for integration of specific technical skills arise.