Big Data & Semantics

Evodevo is truly expert in extracting new knowledge from different data sources, whether from the structured sources (like data bases) or from the unstructured ones (like documents and comments).

We usually exploit different kinds of techniques. To analyze structured data sources:

  • Business Intelligence: to analyze multidimensional data.
  • Social Network Analysis: to discover and understand relationships among people or firms. To Data mining: to find relations, regularities, trend and clusters into a dataset.
  • DSS (Decision Support System): to discover new information, useful to guide the users to make decisions about complex phenomena.


To analyze unstructured data sources:

  • Sentiment Analysis: to understand users’ opinions about a specific topic or a specific organization, on the basis of users’ comments or shot texts.
  • Knowledge Extraction: to extract entities and relations among them, into texts and documents.
  • Big Data Analysis (by using the Apache Hadoop platform): to extract new knowledge from unstructured data, also of big dimensions and from heterogeneous sources.


To analyze geographic sources:

  • Spatial Data mining: to extract regularities and trends on the basis of the geographic information.
  • Risk Map : to analyze the risk areas and risk points using the geo- statistics and the artificial intelligence.
  • Crime mapping: to visualize crimes distribution on a map and to infer implicit knowledge on the basis of geographic information.
  • Geo marketing: to manage marketing activities using the information regarding the territory.
  • Terrain analysis: to classify the territory on the basis of satellite pictures and radar.